Our Story

Savage Gardens started out of Hugo and Amanda Gervais love for fresh produce and fresh air. In 2001, we purchased a 10 acre open lot on Savage Point Road in North Hero and built a house on it, we added a garden that seemed to grow bigger every season until our first child, Leila, was born. At that time, Amanda decided to participate in the Champlain Islands farmers market, after that the farm building started and quickly, a barn, a green house and a chicken coop were built. 2008 brought another addition to our family as Juneau was born. In 2009, Hugo stopped working at his other full-time job to join Amanda in growing the farm into a self-supporting endeavor. In 2011, we purchased 20 acres of land across the road adorned with a beautiful barn in need of love and hard labor and a straw house. This enabled us to house our first summer employees for the summer of 2012 and helped us achieve better field rotations and pasture capacity for our laying hens. In 2013, we purchased land in Isle Lamotte from Hugo’s parents with the help of the Vermont Land Trust to ensure our ability to grow as needed in these beautiful islands and ensure that we can continue to provide you with good local produce, fruit, fresh Non-GMO pastured eggs and our own pork meats.