Organic Produce

VOF Certified Organic Produce

Our produce and fruits are grown with care on our farm in North Hero, Vermont and also in Isle Lamotte, Vermont. We farm 30 acres in North Hero and 60 acres in Isle Lamotte.

We rotate the fields we use to make sure pests are minimized and soil health is improved. We produce our own fertilizer with our poultry operation and spread it as compost in the springtime. During the summer, the broilers and the laying hens pasture on the fallow fields to enrich the soil for next year’s crops.

We grow a wide range of vegetables as well as strawberries and raspberries. You can find our produce at our farm stand, at summer farmers markets, at the Fletcher Allen farmer’s market, at City Market, Healthy Living and Natural Provisions. We also supply a few area restaurants and cafeterias with some wholesale produce.

Feel free to come and see us or contact us with any questions you might have concerning produce availability, wholesale produce or fruit availability.